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Praise Report

Thanking and praising God today in every place that I can! This is my cyberspace version of yelling it from the rooftops. I'm even digging out all the online journals that I haven't posted in lately (and trying to find their lost passwords), because I have too much gratitude to fit into just one journal tonight.

God has been "amazingly gracious" to me today. Someone I care about has survived surgery and is doing well so far; I have re-established contact with an old friend; and I am beginning to work through some lifelong issues about friendship and why I'm afraid of it. I think I'm finally going to be able to break through some "strongholds" that have been deeply rooted in my life. God is doing a huge work in my life right now, and it's scary and exciting and wonderful.

(And no, posting this praise report online is NOT going to get God so angry that He promptly takes away everything that I am grateful for, just to punish me for having the insolence to dare to praise Him.)

I am awed by Your provision for me, Lord.
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what an encouraging post, praise God for all He's done for you and will continue to do!